crafted by photobiz

Taking photographs and working with photoshop makes me feel more alive. I believe that photographs and images are more than just captured moments or merely a compilation of elements within a frame. They tell the story of a life, give voice to the idiosyncrasy of a time or place, become part of a greater whole, provoke us, and express who we are or what we want to be...When I take and edit pictures or do something artistically creative, I see patterns, I hear music and I think of album covers. That's right, I said albums. Just think Abbey Road by the Beatles.

I love the unique, artistic, quirky or emotive side of things - going beyond the lens to not only capture an image, but create one as well by getting creative with lighting, locations and Photoshopping. And I love meeting people and finding out stories, whatever the story is - a personal one, a love story, the story of an artist, a joyous or sad one, and even a strange one.

I'm blessed that so much of my work comes from referrals and building lasting relationships with clients and seeing the changes in their lives over time is a wonderful thing.


Growing up in a family of artists, crafters, writers and photographers, Penny has been exploring the creative side of life since she can remember. After years of doing graphic and traditional artwork, the study of photography and other digital applications and making it her full-time business was a very natural step. Besides doing portraits and weddings of all kinds, Penny has done photographic commissions for an international software company, a national lifestyle magazine, and many local and regional musicians and business owners. She has been the owner and operator of Penny O. Photography for over 5 years to date.

Penny lives near downtown Denver with her husband and enjoys anything artistic and creative and is an avid music and film fan. She loves travel, books, meeting new people, fun weird stuff and philosophy and believes in a loving and ethical treatment of people, animals and the environment.